Terry Langridge Complete Financial

The meaning of my logo

Individual elements

  1. The compass rose
  2. Silver
  3. TLC

Compass rose

Since its creation in ancient times, people have viewed the compass rose as a symbol of safety and protection. It can always guide you home safely and protect you from getting lost.

When I was growing up and learning to sail, it always spoke to me. Now, when navigating the financial world, I recognize it is easy to lose one’s way without the support of a good compass and map. These items help you to know where you are and see how far you have traveled along the path.


People have acknowledged its antibacterial properties for millennia, and the Phoenicians used it to keep water, wine, and vinegar pure during long voyages. Silver is also a facilitator of trade. The earliest coin we know of was in part silver, and from the Minoans to the British empire, traders have dealt with this precious metal. It is currently the best-known metallic conductor of electricity used industrially worldwide.

Although gold signifies wealth, greed taints it. Silver, on the other hand, is used incredibly useful. I believe money and financial services are tools that help make life better; they are not a means in themselves. Thus, silver better represents my financial advice than gold or any other metal/colour.


TLC has a lot of meanings for me. First of all, it is my name - Terry Langridge. I added Complete to show that my experience and skill, earned while working in the industry since 2004, allows me to help my clients complete their objectives. They tend to do this repeatedly as their pursuits change. We then work together to adjust their plans to fit their new goals.

TLC also means education and growth from our days of learning weird facts from history on TV. I spend a good portion of my time educating my clients, giving them the rationale and knowledge to make informed decisions, and helping them get to where they want to be.

TLC also means Tender Loving Care. In the worst points of your life, I offer support. First off - emotional - not just a pat on the back, but actual support. Then, I offer financial and technical support, allowing my clients to overcome their struggles. As my client, you will never be left on your own to handle life’s struggles (unless you choose to).